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S2S Committee

Snow Bach


Mail: Snow Bach - President

Hi everyone! My name is Snow and I'm a final year Neuroscience student. I'm also the shortest member of committee. It's my job to make sure that everyone has a good time and that S2S remains focused on students supporting other students. I'm really excited to work with the rest of the committee to bring you guys some amazing events!

Rachel Buckley - Secretary

Rachel Buckley


Mail: e

Hiya! My name is Rachel and I'm the Robin to the president's Batman. I'm also the one sending out the incredible emails. But don't take my word for it...

"It was... interesting" - The New Yorker
"Well, at least she can spell... sort of" - The Guardian
"Amazing, inspirational, hilarious, life changing" - My Mom

Maryla Oshodi - Treasurer

Maryla Oshodi


Well hello everyone, I’m Maryla! I am biomed Engineering student and your s2s treasurer for this year. 
I was a mentor last year and and enjoyed it so much, so I’m glad to be even more involved.
If we have any great ideas for events that we can have throughout the year my job is to see if we have the funds to make it happen!
I love r&b, and I am such a foodie.
If you need me I am almost always found lounging in the global room in the Hamilton, so feel free to say hi or join me! =)


Neil Mahon - PRO

Neil Mahon



Hi guys! I'm Neil, a 3rd year Zoology student and international student mentor. My job is to make our various event posters, run our social media accounts and take pictures at events. If you spot me around please feel free to say hi!



Doireann Gordon - Single Honors Science Head Mentor

Doireann Gordon

ENTS Officer


Hey everyone! I'm the ENTS Officer! My passions include playing clarinet, discussing gerbils (I have 5), and wearing fluffy coats and hoodies! I began my Trinity years as a budding Human Geneticist, but I transferred to general science in second year to study Microbiology instead. Shoot me an email if you've got any problems (or gerbils!) you want to chat about, and say hi if you see me around! P.S. I am easily identified by a giant maroon coat (no joke, I wear it 90% of the time

Aneta Gaxha - International Officer

Aneta Gaxha

International Officer


I'm a 3rd year Environmental Science student. I wanted to take on the role of international officer as I got an insight into what international students need to properly integrate with college and Dublin life. I'm looking forward to the coming year!

Stacey Wrenn - Equality Officer

Stacey Wrenn

Equality Officer


Hello! I'm Stacey, the Equality Officer for the year. My job is to make sure posters and events are accessible to all students in the college. I'm looking forward to another brilliant year with S2S!

Health Sciences Faculty Rep

Clodagh Morgan

Health Sciences Faculty Rep


I'm here to assist all the mentors, mentees and any students throughout the year who need a bit of a helping hand in any way at all. S2S helped me so much in my first 2 years, so I wanted to give back and represent everyone not always on the campus grounds

Sophie Remidianakis- AHSS Faculty Rep

Sophie Remidianakis

AHSS Faculty Rep


Hey I'm Sophie, a 4th year Philosophy student. My job is to make sure mentors feel supported in their roles and to organize some great events! If you need anything feel free to hit me up.

Jack O'Connor - EMS Faculty Rep

Jack O'Connor

EMS Faculty Rep


Hi I'm Jack, a 3rd year Zoology student. Working with S2S was one of the highlights of last year for me.I can't wait to get to work in my new role! When I'm not sleeping in the library I'll be working with S2S and DUAMS.

Peer Support Rep

Aaron Donnelly

Peer Support Rep


Dylan Lewis- OCM

Dylan Lewis

OCM (Ordinary Committee Member)


I'm Dylan and I'm currently in third year computer science. If you're looking for me I can be found either in the DUCSS or Netsoc room or possibly at a lecture. I'm always somewhere though so if you need help or want to talk then feel free to find me.

Xin Jing Toh- Therapies Head Mentor

Xin Jing Toh

OCM (Ordinary Committee Member)


Heyya, my name is Xin Jing and I'm a third year Radiation Therapy student. I'm from Malaysia and I love everything about foods and cats. Feel free to drop me an email if you're having any questions or just to chat with me (I don't bite, really). Let your faith be bigger than your fear and you'll do great. :D



Allan Clarke

OCM (Ordinary Committee Member)


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