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S2S Peer Supporter

A Peer Supporter is a volunteer available throughout the year to meet with students one-to-one as requested.

To be a Peer Supporter you must be willing to listen confidentially and without judgement to any student who requests support, and be available to complete 35 hours of training.

Having your own experience of significant issues, including a history of accessing professional support services, in no way precludes you from being a Peer Supporter. However, it is essential that you feel in a safe and resilient place yourself, and are confident that acting in a support role for others will not have a negative effect on you.
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Is this role for me?

If you are interested in becoming a Peer Supporter then it's essential that you are an honest, open and approachable person with a dedication to listening and support work and a passion for volunteering. Peer Support volunteers have to complete a 35 hour training programme and be available for regular debrief, supervision and team meetings throughout the year.

We do welcome applications from anyone who is interested in volunteering but we ask that you take the time to think about what you can commit to before beginning the training process as we are only able to train a limited number of volunteers every year.

The Peer Support programme relies on the hard work and dedication of every single member. Those who take a training place but do not complete training, or who complete training but do not commit to the programme, genuinely jeopardise our ability to offer timely support to students seeking it. For this reason all applicants must:

  • Be willing to commit to 35 hours of training
  • Commit to refresher and further training throughout their time as a volunteer (approx. 3hrs per semester)
  • Be readily available for casework, individual debriefs with S2S staff, group supervision with a SCS counsellor, team admin meetings and drop-in shifts (anywhere between 2-6 hours per week in total)
  • Be prepared to support a fellow student through a diverse range of issues, including some significant ongoing support needs

See a full role description here

Volunteer feedback
S2S Survey 2018

It has given me a lot of experience in areas of my life I really want to develop. It's given me more confidence and I've made amazing friends. I'm also more aware of the services Trinity offers.

I've built confidence in my own abilities and feel that I've come to understand myself better by discussing and thinking through someone else's difficulties.

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How do I become a Peer Supporter?

Peer Support recruitment is now open. Applicants are shortlisted for interview and anyone successful at interview is invited to attend training which normally happens over a full week in June (this year it will be 12th-16th June 2023). Applications are now open here

Trainees will also be subject to a Garda Vetting process.

Do I need to be available for the whole week?

Yes. Peer Supporters are required to undergo the full 35 hours of initial training which happens during training week. Absence from any part of training does mean you will not be able to take up your Peer Support role.


Are there any other compulsory commitments?

Yes. All Peer Supporters must attend a 20-minute post-training debrief after initial training. A mandatory 2 hour refresher training session will also be held early each term and attendance is required at monthly Group Supervision Chambers and Admin meetings. Peer Supporters must also attend a debrief after their first meeting with a new case but debriefs after second or subsequent meetings are optional.