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An S2S Mentor works with one or two others (from the same course wherever possible) to welcome a group of up to 25 undergraduate students arriving in TCD for the first time.

Mentors meet with their groups during Freshers' Week, help everyone in the group get to know each other and host a question and answer session, a campus tour and a library tour. They then arrange for a minimum of 5 social meet-ups each term and maintain regular contact with their groups through email, and through social media.

Is this role for me?

If you're planning to be a registered undergraduate student in the next academic year and you know first hand what it takes to survive and thrive throughout TCD's first year experience then Mentoring could be for you! You do need to make a few committments though - you'll need to be available for orientation, able to arrange meet-ups with your group throughout the year, and regularly check and communicate through your TCD email. You'll also need to complete a 4 hr training session in the Hilary term before orientation (dates available on application) and to pass an online module over the summer.

See a full role description here
Volunteer feedback
S2S Survey 2018
S2S is an excellent service run on the ground by the students of Trinity College. They are students who have already been through what you'll go through in your 1st year who are here to lend a friendly ear and hand, I found it very helpful in 1st year and it inspired me to volunteer in my 2nd year. I found it extremely rewarding to help new students in their transition to college life as S2S had helped me.
I think I have probably grown somewhat as a person. It made me think differently about myself, that I was the one sort of passing on wisdom rather than receiving it, which feels like such a short time ago! I also think I picked up some valuable organisational skills and have had that boost in terms of experience working in a team.

Role Description

Mentor Role Description. The S2S Mentor programme is designed to provide a friendly environment where first year and visiting undergraduate students can get to know other students, socialise and access informal support.At the same time S2S guarantees our volunteer Mentors a strong support and social network, key transferable skills and recognition for the time and effort they commit to the programme. How it works. S2S Mentors are critical to orientation in Trinity College. As a mentor, you will be one of the first students to welcome new and visiting undergraduates to the campus, and to help them feel included and at home. You will provide: 
Facilitated ice breaker and FAQ sessions. Guided library tours. Guided campus tours. Access to Sports Centre tours. Information about ID card collection. 
BUT IT DOESN'T STOP THERE. Mentors should remain active throughout the academic year, and commit to:Emailing your mentor group once a week.Arranging at least 5 group activities per term. Attending meetings with your Head Mentors
Participating in themed Trinity flag weeks e.g. Mental Health week, RAG week etc. one o one meetings as requested by members of your mentor group. Logging activities on Google calendar
Full Training is provided! Along with:
Excellent experience in leadership, team work and demonstrating initiative
Guaranteed references based on logged activity
Support from Head Mentors, Committee and S2S staff
Strong social network within the S2S society
The chance to do something really positive and rewarding
You MUST be available
For one of our 4. 5 hour training sessions (bookable on application)
To complete our Blackboard module over the summer
To attend orientation in September (2nd - 6th)
To contribute a minimum 1-3 hours per week for the rest of the year
To regularly check and respond to your TCD emails


How do I become a Mentor?

Mentor recruitment opens in February for the following academic year and runs either until all training spaces are filled or the day before the last training session.

Can I change my training date?

Yes, once you've pplied to be a mentor you can log on to yor profile at to change your selected training sesison!

Can I arrive late to training/leave early?

We're sorry, but that's really not an option. You need to attend the full training session in order to be accepted onto the programme. If you really can’t make the full time needed for the session there are many other sessions available at various times. Find one that suits your schedule better and let us know and we’ll arrange to switch you into that one

Can I pair up with my friend?

Absolutely! Once you've completed the online module, you'll be able to express your preference for a Mentor buddy/buddies on your volunteer profile.

Will I be mentoring Students from my own course?

That’s up to you! We ask students to choose between mentoring their own course or international Erasmus/semester abroad programme students, so if you have a strong preference either way, you can let us know. Occasionally we may ask mentors to step in to help us fill shortages from other related courses but this only happens if we don’t have enough mentors for a particular course, and you always have the choice as to which you would rather do.

I’ve been an S2S mentor before. Do I have to train again?

No, you don’t have to come to another training session (although you’re welcome to if you would like a refresher). However, if you’re returning after a year or more away, of if your score on the Blackboard module previously was low, you will be asked to complete the Blackboard module again. You are also welcome to complete the Blackboard module if you’d like to refresh your memory or improve on your previous score!

What is the Blackboard module?

The Blackboard module is a refresher of your training that you complete online over the summer. It’s also where you access your mentor handbook which will be invaluable to you during your time as a mentor. Your percentage score from the Blackboard module is reported on any references you get from us but it’s really easy to get 100%. If you don’t manage it first time, have a look at the feedback, check your answers and try again!

Who has to do the Blackboard module?

Anyone who has signed up to be a mentor for the first time or who is returning to mentoring after a year or more away will have to complete the module before being assigned a group. Also, if you scored below a certain percentage (usually 75-80%) last year, you may be asked to complete the module again before continuing as a mentor.

I’m going to be away for the summer with limited internet access. Do I really have to complete the Blackboard module?

Yes, everyone must complete the module before being assigned a buddy and a group to mentor.