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S2S Executive

Head Mentors

Experienced Mentors who undertake additional training to be able to support S2S Mentors throughout the year, guiding and checking-in with S2S volunteers to make sure they're having a good time. They also organise social events for Mentors and for mentees, to help keep everyone engaged with the S2S programme. See current Head Mentors

S2S Committee

The committee run the S2S society. Most committee roles are filled by election at the S2S AGM (March each year). An EGM early in Michaelmas Term fills the remaining Committee roles with the exception of the Peer Support Rep, who is nominated by fellow members of the Peer Support team and selected by Committee in a closed vote.
See current Committee

Am I eligible for these roles?

To be eligible to stand for a Committee role you must be a trained S2S volunteer and a paid member of the society. Other requirements may be attached to specific roles. For general information about the election process please contact the S2S Committee at If you would like more information about a specific role, please contact the currently elected volunteer (you can view details about the current committee here.

Head Mentors are nominated annually by the existing Head Mentor team. Selection is undertaken by S2S staff based on the following:

  • Engagement with current Head Mentors, including attendance at meetings and events
  • Regular logging of activity on the S2S Google Calendar
  • Openings available in the relevant Head Mentor area
  • Volunteer availability for training and orientation
See a full role description here
Volunteer feedback
S2S Survey 2018

I learnt to manage large groups and oversee their work. This helped me improve my organisation and time-management skills

It has given me great content for my CV, it makes me feel really good helping people, it gets me meeting other students similar to myself

Role Description

Head Mentor Role Description

Head Mentors are the first point of call for our volunteer Mentors. They answer their questions, help them stay on track and keep an eye out to make sure mentees have active groups to engage with.They also organise social events for Mentors to get to know each other, and faculty events for mentors to bring their group members to. At the same time S2S guarantees our Head Mentors strong support and a thriving social network, key transferable skills in coaching and delegation and recognition for the time and effort they commit to the programme. How it works. Head Mentors are critical to the S2S Mentor programme, and are a fundamental part of TCD's orientation process. They need to be available in September to assist with: Mentor Hoodie Collection. Distribution of Mentor packs.Debriefing new Mentors after orientation. BUT IT DOESN'T STOP THERE. Head Mentors also commit to: Moderating a Facebook group for your Mentors. Regularly checking your Head Mentor gmail account.Monitoring Mentor activity for your assigned courses. Hosting 2 Mentor meet-ups per term.Hosting one Faculty event per term for all the mentees in your assigned courses. Liaising with class reps to ensure good working relationships with Mentors. Full Training is provided. Along with Excellent experience in delegation, coaching and leadership. Guaranteed references based on logged activity. Support from Faculty Reps on Committee and S2S staff, Strong social network within the S2S society The chance to do something really positive and rewarding. You must be available for a 3hr training session (date confirmed by end of HT). To attend orientation in September (2nd - 6th) To contribute a minimum 1-3 hours per week for the rest of the year. To regularly check and respond to your TCD emails and Head Mentor Gmails. To meet monthly with the S2S Co-ordinator


Can I be a Head Mentor if I'm not available for orientation?

Wherever possible, we make sure that the volunteers we train as Head Mentors are available for Hoodie Collection and for Orientation. This is partly because we really need as much help as possible at this time of year, but also because this is a critical time for Head Mentors to meet and get to know the Mentors in their area. In exceptional circumstances we may take on someone who is not available, but it leaves them and the Mentors at a disadvantage, so we actively avoid this scenario.

Can I be a Mentor and a Head Mentor?

Yes, provided you're a returning Mentor and know what to expect from mentoring you can choose to do both, or you can opt to be a Head Mentor exclusively and not take on a JF/visiting group. Your decision will not effect your nomination.

Can the S2S Office influence who gets elected to committee?

Absolutely not. Staff in S2S are always happy to support the committee in their endeavours, but only act with their explicit instruction on anything related to the society. No S2S staff member holds a vote or undertakes any duties relating to committee elections.