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Why volunteer

Peer Support poster 15/16
  • Peer Support work is a huge committment but it's also very rewarding
  • Peer Supporters work very closely and develop significant trust, friendship and respect for each other over the course of their volunteer work.
  • The role is recognised and highly valued by Trinity College
  • You participate in a unique learning experience as part of your training, and develop significant skills in listening and support work
  • Peer Support work is a fantastic addition to your CV - you're providing evidence of organisational ability, communication, leadership, interactive and personal abilities and a host of other transferrable skills, and the S2S Co-ordinator will write a tailored reference for any volunteer who requests one
  • You have a unique opportunity to help another student out
  • You really get to contribute to the true Trinity experience

You don't have to take our word for it - read what previous S2S volunteers have said on our feedback pages!

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