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How to sign up

S2S Peer Supporters are an intensively trained team of students available for one-to-one listening and support.  We’re looking for highly motivated and committed students to join our team for the 18/19 academic year (and beyond!)

Training places are extremely limited, and the Peer Support programme relies on the hard work and dedication of every single member.  Those who take a training place but do not complete training, or who complete training but do not commit to the programme, genuinely jeopardise our ability to offer timely support to students seeking it.  For this reason all applicants must:

  • Be willing to commit to 35 hours of training from 11th-15th June 2018 inclusive
  • Commit to refresher and further training throughout their time as a volunteer
  • Be readily available for casework, individual debriefs with the S2S Co-ordinator, group supervision with a SCS counsellor, team admin meetings and drop-in shifts (anywhere between 2-6 hours per week in total)
  • Be prepared to support a fellow student through a diverse range of issues, including some significant ongoing support needs


Having your own experience of significant issues, including a history of accessing professional support services, in no way precludes you from being a Peer Supporter.  However, it is essential that you feel in a safe and resilient place yourself, and are confident that acting in a support role for others will not have a negative effect on you.

If you would like to apply to train as a Peer Supporter, please complete our online application form (OPEN NOW)

Please note, applicants will be required to attend an interview, and will be requested to complete and submit a Garda Vetting application (provided by us) prior to interview.


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