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What training involves

training group

Training in 2019 will be taking place between the 29 of Jan and the 9th of May. Each session is around 4 hours in length (including a biscuit break!) and you only need to attend one of these sessions.

Training is facilitated by an S2S staff member and by current S2S volunteers, who will be able to give you a first-hand perspective on what is involved and how things work in practice.

During training you will be asked to work individually and as groups, and will be guided through:

  • the role of an S2S Mentor
  • what is expected at your first meeting
  • organising future meetings
  • how to communicate with your groups
  • how to log your activities
  • how to work safely as a Mentor (guidelines and policies)
  • basic active listening skills
  • referrals

Once you have completed one of these training sessions you will be assigned a course (ideally your own course of study, but we can't always guarantee this, or to a group of mature or visiting students if you'd prefer) and a mentor buddy or buddies.

If you want to attend a training session please sign up using our online application form

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