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S2S Head Mentors

Head Mentors are asked to make the following commitments:

    • Attendance at Head Mentor training on Monday 27th August 2018, 2-5pm
    • Assistance with the Hoodie Collection event on friday 31st August 2018
    • Assisting with the orientation meetings for your area during Freshers’ Week (3rd-7th September 2018)
    • Debriefing with mentors in your area after Freshers’ Week
    • Establishing a Facebook group for your mentors
    • Regularly checking a Gmail account set up for you as a Head Mentor
    • Monitoring your mentors’ activities and notifying the S2S co-ordinator if volunteers appear to be inactive
    • Hosting 2 meet-ups per term for the mentors in your area to socialise and discuss their experience with you
    • Hosting one faculty/area event per term for your groups to invite their mentees to
    • Meeting with the relevant course co-ordinators in your area to discuss the S2S programme
    • Working with relevant tutors to make and receive appropriate referrals
    • Liaising with class reps to ensure close working relationships with the relevant mentors
    • Publicising mentor group events on the class Facebook pages
    • Attending regular Head Mentor meetings to feedback to the S2S co-ordinator (attendance is required once a month)
    • Liaising with head Mentor Buddies (other Head Mentors assigned to your area) between Head Mentor meetings
    • Training with SLD to support the delivery of student-led study skills workshops in your HM area

In order to assist you S2S has committed to the following:

    • Asking all mentors to include you on invitations to group events (attendance is optional) and emails to their groups
    • Providing you with a Head Mentor Handbook
    • Arranging Head Mentor bonding activities/social sessions
    • Improving communication between the Mentors and Head Mentors
    • Ensuring support from the PRO to help you promote events and activities


Volunteers who would like to be Head Mentors can contact their current Head Mentors or can contact the S2S co-ordinator directly. All nominations for Head Mentor positions will be considered by the co-ordinator and by the existing Head Mentor team and will rely on the following:

  • Engagement with the current Head Mentors and attendance at meetings and events
  • Regular logging of activity on the Google calendar
  • Openings being available for the relevant area/faculty
  • Willingness to undertake the above committments and availability for training

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