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Volunteering with S2S

S2S is a student-led initiative that relies entirely on volunteers. If you're considering volunteering with us we can guarantee that you will be highly valued and appreciated, and that we will endeavour to support you in any training and career development you require.

There are two ways you can volunteer with S2S; as a Mentor or as a Peer Supporter. Some students decide they would like to do both, but many choose to focus on one or the other to begin with until they get a feel for how much time they can committ.

If you want to become an S2S Mentor you will be working with one or two other volunteers to greet a group of up to 30 incoming first year or visiting students and assist them through their Junior Freshman or Erasmus/visiting year in Trinity College. Click here to learn more about becoming an S2S Mentor.

If you want to become a Peer Supporter you will undergo a screening and interview process prior to completing 35 hours in active listening training, and will then be asked to make sure you are available for one to one meetings as requested. You will also be asked to undergo Garda Vetting through the College before you can assume active duty. All applications to Peer Support training are welcomed, but we cannot guarantee a place on the training course for every applicant. Students with a history of working with S2S, mature students and postgraduate students will be given preference if places are limited. Click here to find out more about becoming a Peer Supporter.

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