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New to Dublin

I Heart Dublin Keychain
  • Before the first day of college do a trial run of the route that you plan to take so that you will know where to get on and off the bus/luas/etc and so you will know exactly how long it will take to get to and from College.

  • Get a map, go explore the city.

  • Check out this resource for lots of information about getting around in Dublin:

    You can see the spire on O'Connell street from most places in the city - use this as a guide to orientate yourself.

  • Don’t be intimidated, you will get lost, but it is very easy to find your way.

  • When you're looking at accommodation check with someone who knows Dublin quite well about the areas to look at. It's not always easy to tell but places where a lot of the houses have grills on the windows or where there are significant amounts of rubbish are best avoided unless you're confident the area is OK.

  • Don't walk around alone with your mobile phone - even in the middle of the day people have been victims of mobile phone theft. Make your calls in busy areas or pop in to a coffee shop/newsagents etc. to make a call if you really need to.

  • Don't forget our New2Dublin Meet-up group for more useful information and support!


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