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Dictionary (a guide to "Trinity-speak"!)

College Terms

Michaelmas Term - first term of the year (normally August - December)

Hilary Term - second term of the year (normally January - April)

Trinity Term - third term of the year, and exam time! (normally April - July)

College Years

Junior Freshman (JF) - First Year

Senior Freshman (SF) - Second Year

Junior Sophister (JS) - Third Year

Senior Sophister (SS) - Fourth Year

If you're in a five year course then you're simply "Fifth Year" at the end!

The College Grading System

NB - Some courses may vary from this. Check your course handbook for details!

I-First Class Honors; 70-100%

II.1-Second Class Honors, first division; 60-69%

II.2-Second Class honors, second division; 50-59%

III-Third class honors; 40-49%

F-Fail- F1; 30-39%

           F2; below 29%


In some countries the percentages go a lot higher, but in Ireland anything above 70% means a top award, and anything above 80% is extremely rare!

Places on Campus and College Services

Buttery - restaurant on campus underneath the Dining Hall

Exam Hall - this is the building opposite the Chapel in Front Square, and retains its name even though very few exams are now held there.

Front Arch - this is the area you walk through from Dame Street into campus

Front Square - the main cobbled area between front arch and the campanile

GMB - Graduates' Memorial Building. Open to everyone but also home to the Hist and the Phil (see below).

GSU - Graduate Students' Union. An independent resource for all postgraduate students.

Hamilton - the building at the far end of College from Front Arch, home to most Science course lecture theatres, labs etc., the Maths Help Room and the Programming Support Centre

Hist - the Historical Society. One of the largest societies in Trinity College.

JCR - Junior Common Room; a subsidiary of the SU who run student-led cafés and relax areas from Goldsmith Hall and Trinity Halls.

PAV - the Pavillion. this is the campus bar, and is located behind the cricket pitches towards the Hamilton (it's the big yellow building).

Phil - the Philosophical Society. One of the largest societies in Trinity College.

Provost - the head of the College.

SCS - Student Counselling Service

SLD - Student Learning Development

SU - the Students' Union


Blackboard - this is an online area where tutors and lecturers upload notes, materials etc. for you to download. Make sure to familiarise yourself with this system, and ask your mentors if you need help!

DU - Dublin University. This is the same institution as Trinity College Dublin (also known as TCD).

MCQ - Multiple Choice Questions


Colours - refers to a competition between TCD and UCD (University College Dublin)

IV - Inter-Varsity; refers to a competition between multiple universities

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