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Hazel O Kelly

Role: Peer Supporter

Pronouns: She/Her

Course: TSM English and Sociology



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About Me

I am a TSM English and Sociology student. I can usually be found reading (crying into a book..), cycling from one place to another (I swear I am always in transit), watching the worst possible shows on Netflix, travelling (when I have the money!), or attending to one of my various college activities (S2S and QSoc being top of the list!). Some “fun” facts about me: I hate olives and tomatoes, I have lived in Australia, and I have worked in literally every entry-level job except for retail (because for some reason shops never hire me), and I am obsessed with dog groups on Facebook. I am always up for chatting about anything, but I do also have personal experience with adjusting to college social life, figuring out how to write college-style essays, LGBT+ issues, and coming out. College can be amazing but sometimes you just need someone to grab a coffee and have a chat with to get things off your chest. Peer supporters are here for any issue, big or small, so come have a chat!!

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