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Temi Adeniran

Role: Peer Supporter




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About Me

What's popping? My name is Temi (aka TJ). I'm a third-year Pharmacy student who was born, bred and buttered in County Kildare. I'm of Nigerian descent, and am firmly rooted to both my Irish and Nigerian sides. I've been know to be unsuccessful at being a Millennial (please see attached picture of me), while facing issues that are 100% of the Millennial variation. *insert face-palm emoji*. I adore baggy but comfy clothes and spend way too much time at Penny's. Sometimes wish I was a turtle so I can hide from the world. And I also have a weird habit of randomly breaking out into song. I have an interest in basically everything under the sun, and am open to learning about everything in the universe. Especially you. Trinity is going to be a brand new chapter in your journey, and I can't wait for you to experience it. Everyone on this page wants to help you. Yes. YOU. So let's make a deal. If you're up for a chat I'm up for a chat. We can talk about literally anything. Just please remember. You're not alone.

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