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Karl Morrison

Role: Mature Mentor


Course: Law

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About Me

Hey, I'm Karl and I'm a 2nd year Law student; as a realist I, firmly, know the struggles of student life: and the constant and continuous struggle and attempt to exorcise the inner procrastinator- only to unashamedly affirm to myself: "I'll get to that later!" So, without further ado: Welcome to College Life at Trinity College Dublin! A place where Procrastination is like the plague; it is the common tread of student body! It binds us all!
As someone whose experience of Trinity has been mixed. I can personally say when pressure amounts the ability to reach out and speak to those who have experienced it first hand is an invaluable resource. I've found help abates the minds desire to reside and shut off!
So, whether a need to talk of general matters, college life or to have a moan while meandering across campus; I am available to listen. So, please feel free to reach out! You can reach me via email or if you see me on campus come say hello! I am always willing to listen and offer any help I can. I look forward to meeting you. Enjoy your time here! You do deserve it.
P.s. if you find yourself the only mature student in your course with what seems to be a Sea of youths! Your first Port of call is the Mature Student Society- the people are lovely!) Disclaimer: As conversationalists we love to have- surprise!- conversations! So don't be afraid to drop in and chat with us!"

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