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How can I meet a Peer Supporter?

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If you would like to arrange a meeting with a Peer Supporter you can telephone the S2S Office on 01 896 2438, you can email or you can use our online form.

When you contact the S2S office make sure you tell us exactly what you're looking for; be clear if you'd be more comfortable talking to a volunteer with a particular gender/ gender identiy, someone inside or outside of your course and so on. We can't always guarantee that we will have exactly the right volunteer profile for you, but we will do our best to match your request wherever possible.

We endeavour to respond to all requests for Peer Support within 24 hours, and to match you with a volunteer within 48 hours. Normally a Peer Supporter will contact you by email unless you request a different form of communication. It really helps us if you reply to the email from your Peer Supporter, even if it's to say that you no longer wish to meet with them.

Sometimes a request for Peer Support will come from a tutor or a counsellor. If you are currently utilising the tutor or the Counselling Service, or any of the other supports in College, you are still more than welcome to request a Peer Supporter. You can ask the support service you are using to do this for you, or you can make the request yourself.

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