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Can a Peer Supporter help me?

S2S Volunteers in Hoodies

Peer Supporters are available for any student in the College who would like to talk to another student. They will listen impartially and without judgement to anything you want to say, and always abide strictly to our confidentiality policy. Click here to view our confidentiality policy.

Peer Support volunteers can have different roles depending on what you're looking for. Sometimes it's just a case of meeting for a coffee now and then. Sometimes a Peer Supporter can be there to help you with accessing online resources or attending society/social events. You might be looking for information or trying to navigate your way through something, or you may just want a space to vent. Let us know what you'd like and we'll find a Peer Supporter for you as soon as we can!

Click here to arrange a meeting with a Peer Supporter.

Occassionally a Peer Supporter may recognise that you're in need of a bit more assistance. That's nothing to worry about. Our volunteers are highly trained but they are not professionals, and part of their role involves helping you find the service that's most appropriate to your situation. Wherever possible they will talk you through the options available to you and support you in accessing the relevant service.


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