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S2S Mentor Meetup - Practical Information

Your S2S Mentor Orientation will be on September 25th 2020

This meet-up will happen online, via Google Meet, and will include

  • activities to help you settle in and feel like part of the student community,
  • opportunities to get to know your classmates,
  • information & virtual tours, so you know your way around the physical campus and the online resources available,
  • and plenty of time to ask questions.

If you have questions or want to see answers to other students questions about the S2S Mentor Orientation Meetup check out our

Q&A Highlight Reel IG Stories

You will receive an email to your address on or before the morning of 25th September with a link to join your Mentor meetup!

Until then, download the timetable, and read the Google Meet Instructions and Q&Hey Information below!

Click here for instructions to join in using Google Meet

Download instruction sheet here

Your S2S Mentor will use Google Meet to organize your orientation or other meetings, here are some basic instructions for using Google Meet to join the meeting. Note: when at your S2S Mentor meetings you do not need to turn on your camera, but doing so will help you feel part of the group and get to know others, which let’s face it, is a great way to make friends!

Your S2S Mentor will send you either an email with a link or a Google calendar invite to the meeting.

  • If they sent you an email, at the correct time click on the Google meet link in the email, it might look like this
  • If they send you a calendar invite, accept the meeting, by clicking Yes and at the correct time go to your Google calendar and click Join with Google Meet

Google Meet invite

This will take you to the meeting screen, once you are happy that the camera is working, click Ask to Join

Google Meet Start Screen

You will then be in the meeting!

During the meeting you can access the control bar at the bottom to turn on or off camera, or mic (it’s a good idea to keep the mic off unless you are speaking, this means that background noise is not heard by all)

  • Mic is to the left of the red HANG UP button and Camera is to the right
  • If you require captions you can easily turn these on too using  Turn on Captions

Google Meet Control Panel

You can also use IM to speak to the group

  • IM chat function available on the main Google Meet page in the right hand side, Click on the Chat icon.
  • The sidebar will appear with the participants and the chat messages

Google Meet Chat Box

Click here for instructions to participate in the Q&Hey Activity

What is this: This question and answer activity is designed to help you as an incoming student to Trinity feel part of the student community in your course, in college and the wider national student body.

The aim of the exercise is to help you to voice any worries or concerns you have coming to college and provide support and information to you.
You will be asked to anonymously enter any question/concern you might have into an online tool called WooClap. These will be read by your S2S Mentors and discussed giving the group information and support.
Remember no one will know what you said or that it was you that said it. The information and support will be addressed to everyone, and it is very likely you will find that many others in the group have similar concerns! 😊
You will be able to “upvote” others’ comments and in so doing help the leaders know what information and assistance you need.
We will also be gathering this anonymous data to build a picture of new student concerns nationally, this will help peer-led programmes, like S2S across the country to get the proper resources and information out to all incoming students!

Download instruction sheet here

Practical info:
In ADVANCE - You will receive a link from your S2S Mentor to access the activity, keep this link to hand on the 25th September.


  • Open a second browser window / or use your mobile phone to click the link they send you from


Once you have entered the code you should see a screen like this

When your peer leaders begin the activity, you will see a screen like this, type your question/concern into the box and click the send icon highlighted in the box below

As people write more things in, you can use the heart icon at the side to like/upvote them.
On the screen your leaders are sharing, you will see others’ comments and the leaders will add them to columns based on the topic, this will show you how many of your group have similar concerns.

They will also show you a more national picture of student concerns, to demonstrate that you are not alone and that you have support in your local and national student community.

Possible Spam warning from S2S Mentor emails

We have been informed that some emails have a "possible spam" warning that may look like this, showing a gray box stating "This message was not sent to Spam in accordance with your organisation's settings"

If you see this box on a message from your S2S Mentor or the S2S Office please don not be concerned, we have been told it is also appearing on messages from Academic Registry and other Trinity Offices.

spam warning
S2S Mentor Infographic