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S2S Google Hangouts

We know how things feel quite surreal at the moment with College closed and teaching gone on-line. It's not the same without the random chats in the hall, before lectures, over a coffee in the Buttery or a pint in the Pav.

We miss the nachos in Mama's Revenge too, and the fact that you can't pay with a debit card in the Hamilton SU shop, and even the overpriced coffee in Costa.

So, we thought that it might be cool to arrange some hangouts using Google Hangouts, and have the bants on a variety of topics!

There are hangouts daily, different times and topics, different S2S facilitators. Find one you like the sound of, and sign up! Who knows who you might get chatting to! Open to all students of Trinity, all courses and years, each hangout has 8 participants max and 2 facilitators. If you have any diffculties joining the call check out the technical help section

To register for one, go to our public calendar (below) and choose one that appeals, then click on the sign up sheet link and follow the steps so you can be on the hangout too!

Hangouts Technical Help

How to accept a Google Hangout invitation and join the call

Once you have logged into Hangouts just before the hangout is due to start

1: Click on the Menu in the top left corner


2: Then click on Invitations

3: Then you will see the pending invite, click on this invite

4: This will open in the chat window to the right, click on Accept at the bottom

5: You will now be able to chat and receive the Hangouts call.